Data Detective


Enjoy CSI? Hawaii Five-O? Sherlock? Do you enjoy following up on leads, eliminating suspects, and figuring out whodunits? Then we have the job for you! We’re looking for creative, talented people to help us solve the mysteries of our big data. What is our data telling us? What secrets does it contain? Every day, we discover new hints about the future of our work. Come be a part of the growing team that asks the tough questions and finds the “big answers.”

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The Data Detective Department (D3) is part of the Group CIO Office and is housed within our Data Science Unit. As a D3 member, you will collaborate with individuals and teams from across our organization to generate meaningful business answers and recommendations based on data generated by Internet of Things end points, devices, sensors, biometric monitors, traditional computing infrastructure, next-generation fog, mesh, edge, and neural capabilities, among other things.¬†Currently, much of the data we collect in these areas goes unexamined. The winning candidate(s) will “go where the data is” and investigate what the data is saying. Candidates should be inquisitive, persistent, resilient, and diplomatic, but they should never accept no for an answer.

Although you will be expected to use cutting-edge big data tools, you do not need to be a data scientist to succeed in this role. Employees at D3 must be equally at ease being “in the weeds” as they are seeing and explaining the big picture.

The winning candidate(s) will “go where the data is” and investigate what the data is saying. Candidates should be inquisitive, persistent, resilient, and diplomatic, but they should never accept no for an answer.


  • Integrate into departments and teams: Collaborate with colleagues from various parts of the business to help them solve problems. Much of this can be accomplished virtually, but it will frequently necessitate physical co-location with local teams.
  • Examine the following data: Identify and investigate existing data sets derived from a variety of sources (e.g., office environmental sensors, finance function spreadsheets, etc.).
  • Find new data sources: Discover data sources that are not currently being used (e.g., car parking data, office supplies replenishment rates, etc.).
  • Pose data-related questions: Analyze data to uncover existing answers and generate new ones.
  • Pcose the following questions to people: Collaborate with staff members to identify and generate new questions and answers that are currently unknown (for example, “In an ideal world, what would you like to know?”). “What new information would help you do a better job?”).
  • Work with data sources: Use each new data source to generate the next data source.
  • Triangulate various data sources: Combine, compare/contrast, and analyze data sets from various sources. Pursue cross-departmental, company-wide investigations and solutions.
  • Reports should be written and findings should be presented: Produce written reports on investigations and recommendations, as well as effective presentations on the findings.
  • Keep up with general data science developments: Recognize the variety of technical tools available to assist the D3 team’s work..
  • Understand the competitive environment: Gain an understanding of competitive trends, such as what your competitors are doing in the D3 arena.


The ideal candidate will have experience and education in the following areas and backgrounds:

  • Experience in law enforcement, ideally investigative work.
  • Legal experience as a trained attorney, lawyer, barrister, or paralegal.
  • Data science and data science technologies training or academic qualifications (Please keep in mind that this is optional but appreciated.)
  • Expertise/knowledge of “civilian” data science reporting tools (e.g., Tableau, Domo, etc.).
  • Math and/or general science qualifications are required (e.g., physics).
  • Qualifications in any branch of finance and management accounting are required.
  • A degree in math, physics, philosophy, economics, law, or accounting would be beneficial.

Please keep in mind that entry-level positions are available in D3. Candidates without the aforementioned experience but who demonstrate an interest in data, detective work, and math, as well as the personal characteristics listed in the “Overall” section, are encouraged to apply.