Bring Your Own IT Facilitator


Our company is looking for an experienced business-IT professional to help us integrate our shadow-IT operations with our digital workplace strategy. The ideal candidate will spearhead the development of a work environment that capitalizes on digital trends, fosters shadow-IT innovation, and positions IT as a “preferred partner.” The goal is to build an automated self-service platform that allows users to choose the desired applications, as well as virtual assistants, to improve employee agility, productivity, and engagement while maintaining data control, security, governance, and compliance.

The person in this role will design a system that provides continuous visibility into on- and off-premises environments, mobile and desktop systems, and applications and services used by corporate users such as employees, customers, and contractors. The BYOIT facilitator will enable the entire workforce to work more efficiently and effectively while maintaining a predetermined level of acceptable risk.


Technology is now critical to our company’s ability to generate massive shareholder value. As a result, our shadow-IT operation is now official, sanctioned, and, in some cases, required. We see shadow-IT as a huge opportunity for IT to collaborate with business units and individuals who have mastered the art of working without IT. IT’s role at our company is no longer limited to building and maintaining systems; instead, it provides flexibility to business users for the use of applications and infrastructure, whether created in-house or sourced from the cloud.

You will promote automated self-service, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing as a key member of the IT organization to improve user experience. Your goal will be to give business users the freedom to create their own mobile and collaborative environments while still allowing IT to maintain centralized control. To succeed in this role, you must be comfortable challenging the status quo and striving for continuous improvement in business and IT. You will collaborate across organizational and specialist boundaries to ensure that requirements and solutions for integrating shadow-IT into the mainstream are appropriate. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable about the most recent software and understand how popular apps will affect the business.

We see shadow-IT as a huge opportunity for IT to collaborate with business units and individuals who have mastered the art of working without IT.


  • Perform an honest shadow-IT assessment. A discovery process and infrastructure audit will assist in assessing the opportunities and risks.
  • Work closely with the digital workplace team to define, develop, and influence workplace strategies to improve employee engagement, agility, and collaboration.
  • Develop and design shadow-IT roadmaps, implementation strategies, and transformation plans in collaboration with colleagues in the IT infrastructure, operations, and enterprise security teams.
  • Provide business users with preapproved, low-code platform as a service (PaaS) platforms to help them create and configure their own department and cross-department apps in minutes.
  • Hold innovation hackathons to identify the best apps and technologies in use throughout the organization and collaborate with people to optimize them.
  • Implement a strategy for governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) that focuses on business assurance.
  • Organize and lead a shadow-IT steering group to plan and govern workplace initiatives throughout the organization, as well as conduct quarterly user satisfaction surveys and share best practices while monitoring program progress.
  • Develop, maintain, and deliver education and training materials to both business and IT functions that highlight the benefits and challenges of shadow-IT, such as case studies, guidance, or e-learning techniques.


  • A master’s degree in one of the following fields is required: information technology, computer science, engineering, natural science, or business administration.
  • At least five years of demonstrated experience in a globally oriented IT team or consulting firm, including two or more years of managerial experience, with exposure to IT demand management, business management, infrastructure services, and/or network services.
  • Advisory and delivery expertise to assist in meeting the objectives.
  • Excellent presentation, training, and coaching abilities, as well as the ability to engage, influence, train, and persuade people at all levels.
  • Experience leading cross-functional teams and organization-wide programs, as well as operating and influencing effectively across the organization and in complex contexts.